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Emdogain Gel as an Adjunct to Periodontal Surgery

Weingarden Dental - Emdogain Gel as an Adjunct to Periodontal Surgery
What is Emdogain Gel?

Emdogain gel is an enamel matrix protein of porcine origin. Emdogain Gel found its beginnings over a decade ago when a scientific breakthrough in the basic biology of tooth development revealed a native complex of enamel matrix proteins and the key role they play in the development of tooth-supporting tissues. These "matrix proteins" mediate the formation of acellular cementum on the root of the developing tooth, providing a foundation for all of the necessary tissues associated with a true functional periodontal attachment.

Why is Emdogain Gel used?

Periodontitis is a common disease. It is caused by bacteria (plaque) which collects between the teeth and gums. This bacteria causes infection which destroys the fibers that anchor your teeth to your jawbone. Once these fibers are gone, bone loss follows. Without fiber and bone, your teeth may become loose and may eventually be lost. Emdogain Gel is used to help rebuild the lost tissues. It may also be used to repair and cover exposed roots due to gum recession.

How does Emdogain Gel work?

Emdogain Gel is a revolutionary product that allows your body to rebuild the natural attachment that is required to support your teeth. Emdogain Gel utilizes a protein to reestablish new tooth attachment previously lost due to moderate to severe periodontitis.